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Pokemon Sketchies... Sorta
Mega Ampharos Sketch by Antares25
Old Nidoran M Sketch Thing by Antares25
The Random Squirtle Sketch Finally by Antares25
You can also order here:
Headshot Commishies
Comm2 by Antares25
Comm 4 by Antares25
Comm 3 by Antares25
For cell-shaded headshots =w=
You can also order here:
Chibi Commishies
Independence Day Contest Prize-Mikasa by Antares25
Chibi Commissions by Antares25
Independence Day Contest Prize by Antares25
Drawin' full bodied-chibis O3O
You can also order here:


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    Donated Feb 10, 2014, 10:54:04 AM

~Commission Journal~

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 23, 2014, 11:12 PM
//Casually puts this up on front page before premium ends:iconehesmileplz:

Prices and Samples:

Chibi Commissions by Antares25

Independence Day Contest Prize-Mikasa by Antares25
Chibi Commission by Antares25Chibi Commissions by Antares25

Chibis: $5 or 550:points: (price may increase depending on level of details)

Vaisha, Shozu and Shoru by Antares25
MM: Headshot Practice by Antares25
^Old samples are old, current style may be different:iconmilly-foxplz:
Headshots: $5 or 550:points:

Mega Ampharos Sketch by Antares25Old Nidoran M Sketch Thing by Antares25The Random Squirtle Sketch Finally by Antares25
^Simple Pokemon only, no Groudons, Arceus, Kyogre, etc.:iconmingplz:
Coloured Pokemon Sketches/Pokemon OCs: $3 or 350:points:

Ruwa3 by Antares25

1001MN: Ruwa by Antares25

Half-body: $10-$15 or 1000 :points:-1500 :points:

*Prices are negotiable- just note me or comment here~

Will do:
-Anime fanart
-Anthros/furries are ok

I can't do:
-Buffed, muscled characters
-Birds/anything with wings 
-Monsters (unless it's the cutesy type XP)
-Actually, anything scary XD

-Payment is through Paypal  or DA  points. Please comment here or note me to discuss~
-If possible, please pay for the Paypal fees if any... not really required though
-Payment can be before starting the commission or after I finish the lineart. Whichever one you're more comfortable with~

  • Listening to: Kimi no Kioku (I feel so maso Q_Q)
  • Reading: ... Tumblr?
  • Watching: You
  • Playing: Pokemon-Amie
  • Eating: Chicken
  • Drinking: Water, Milk and Choc-o 4ever


Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition is stressing me out. The next two weeks will be war.
EE: Tiny Fishers by Antares25
EE: Tiny Fishers

... Cause Azuma spent all my moneys on sweets:icondidyoujustplz:
Also, I wanted to practice on my other chibi coloring style... so I grabbed Azuma's boyband co-workers :iconlazeplz:

I hope you guys don't mind:icondeadbodyplz:

From left to right:

Ares ~ :iconprincefae:
Irvin Yar ~ :iconmidnight-lies:
Peco Asai ~ :iconmassybeast:
Alec Fischer ~ :iconattikachu:
Azuma ~ :iconantares25:
Alestor  ~:iconmxranier:
Kelly Lee ~ :iconmei-fei:

:star: Colored Refined Sketch Chibis x7 = 1,225G
EE: Azuma's Winter Outfit by Antares25
EE: Azuma's Winter Outfit

.... Because Azuma's usual outfit/work outfit is not really well suited for winter:iconimsotiredplz:

:iconazumaplz:Azuma: "But I'm fine with my normal clothes..... it's too much work to put on those bundles and bundles of clooooth":iconokayguyplz:

Shush no. I want you in winter outfit and you can't say no.

:iconazumaplz:Azuma: "Aaaawww....":iconokayguyplz:

If anyone wants to RP, feel free to message me- idk- Skype (Antares5603)? I have an account on the forum too sooo:iconehesmileplz:

:star:Earned 450G
EE: Pokemon Meme by Antares25
EE: Pokemon Meme

Azuma is obviously an Azumarill :iconmingplz:
Actually, Azuma was originally my lazy-ass Azumarill gijinka, so when I saw I Pokemon meme, I just had to do it :iconimsotiredplz:

:star: Shaded Fullbody Chibi (250) + Meme Bonus (25) = 275G
EE App Sheet: Azuma by Antares25
EE App Sheet: Azuma

I GOT IIIIIIINN :iconfinallyplz:

Wow, it's been a while since I joined an RP group, hope I'm not so rusty :iconfeelingfullplz:and hopefully, this'll help me to draw more:iconehesmileplz:

Special thanks to :iconjujupancakes: for helping me with details:iconsupertighthugplz:


Alias: N/A

Sex: M

Age: 25

Species: Human

Job: Fisherman

Birthday: Spring 13

Orientation: Straight

Loved Gifts: Cakes, Fish Dishes, Carrot-based Treats
"Uwaahh~ Thank you~~! You're my most favorite person ever, and I will love you forever and ever!" >3<

Liked Gifts: Food, Drinks (except alcoholic ones), Sweets, Cooking Ingredients, Soft Items
"Oh wow, thanks! I looove you!" >w<

Disliked Gifts: Poison, Medicine, Books
"Awww... do I have to take this....?" ;-;

Hated Gifts: Failed dish, Anything rotten
"D-do you hate me...?" QAQ


Azuma has no aspirations or big dreams in life. He's a simple guy with simple pleasures. Lying around in bed, with a snack to munch on- he's very much contented with just that. To him, living life happily, living the moment doing what you like is all that matters. Because of this, he comes off as lazy and carefree... that of which is actually true. He has an easygoing attitude in life. He dislikes doing things that he thinks would be too troublesome, or tries to find an easier way out of things. This would usually get him into more trouble, or make his tasks even more difficult (and when that happens, he'd just laugh it out). He's also simple-minded, a small bribe (clue: sweets) is enough to get him up his feet.

Despite his appearance, Azuma possesses a childlike innocence. He is not quick to judge others based on appearance, rumors, or first impressions. He does not bear grudges, and is quick to forgive. Although this could also be attributed to his easygoing and lazy personality, thinking that putting too much thought into others' actions, and constantly keeping in feelings is just too troublesome.

Azuma is also quick to give his trust to others, and tends to take small acts of kindness seriously. He easily gets attached to those he labels as 'nice people'. Azuma is very affectionate, often hugging those he considers as friends. He also has a playful side, and would sometimes mess with his friends just to amuse himself.

Because he had lived by himself for some time, Azuma actually knows how to do household chores, and how to cook decently, but is too lazy to do them most of the time. He claims his hobby to be sleeping and eating, and almost always has a stash of sweets hidden on him. When not working, he's most likely either napping or munching on some snacks. He also enjoys swimming, having lived by the sea during his childhood. He loves the water, and is most relaxed when close to a body of one. His favorite season is Summer because it's the the season for swimming.


Azuma spent his childhood in a small village situated near the sea. He was raised by the village priest after being found abandoned in the church doorstep. The village was really small and had very few children. The population was mostly comprised of adults and elderly since most of the younger generation had moved out for a more exciting life in the city. That was why Azuma, being one of the few children, was loved and spoiled by the villagers as if he was their own child. He was often given stuff (sweets mostly) for free, and he wasn't asked to do chores. He was instead encouraged to play outside and just have fun. That was how he grew up to be a lazy, carefree, freeloading bum.

During his teenage years, the elderly church priest, his adoptive father, died of an illness. Because of this, he was suddenly forced to learn how to live independently. At first, he had planned to stay in the village no matter what, despite the poverty. But by that time, the already small population of the village had become even smaller. The adults he once knew as a child were now old, while the rest have also moved to the city. What's worse was that a new priest soon came to take his adoptive father's position. The church was his home, and now that a new priest came along, he felt he had to leave. No one really said he should go, but despite growing up to be a bum, he wasn't hopelessly dense to not feel it was embarrassing and awkward to keep mooching off the church. Without the old priest too, it hurt too much to stay as well.

He decided to go to the city as everyone had moved there. He thought life must be much easier if everyone went there, but he was wrong. Work, work, work, all work and in the end, the hustle and bustle of the city was not for him. The living expenses and bills were outrageously high compared to his small wage. He couldn't even buy himself a cake for his birthday. The people around him were either always busy, or stressed and that he never got close to anyone. It was very unlike the family-like relationship he had with the villagers, and the carefree life he lived back then.

When he was checking his mail one day, he found the pamphlet for Toffee Town. What? Free housing? Well, that solves one of his problems. Swimming? That's definitely a plus. Job guaranteed? Well then, that solves a whole lot of troublesome things! What a great package deal! Too good to be true...! The thought that it's most likely a scam? Nooooope- that thought never crossed his mind. 

Goodbye sad, sad city life, goodbye busy people, Azuma wants his carefree life back! And thus, the gullible now 25-year old man went aboard the Eclair Express.

Additional Info:
-During his stay in the city, Azuma never settled long on a job.
-Doesn't mind getting wet and dirty. Or just wet. Or just dirty.
-Azuma is adaptable to changes in temperature.
-He speaks slowly and tends to drag words.
-Has a love-hate relationship with Winter
-He always has a stash of snacks on him
-Capable of sleeping in a split second
-Has a habit of nicknaming others
-He knows how to knit and sew
-Dislikes being called old
-He's scared of ghosts
-Fond of children 

Roleplay Methods:
-I'm not picky with RP methods as long as it's accessible to me~:iconcoolplz: don't be shy to ask:iconuhuhuhuplz:
-Also, my Skype is Antares5603, feel free to add me:iconyaybunnyplz: but pls say who you are :iconhideplz:

-Mostly Saturdays :iconlazeplz: so yea sorry if I reply slow:icongtthplz:


Antares25's Profile Picture
Anta. Ant.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art


Hey hey hey~
Call me Ant, Anta or Antares (or Antares25 if you like typing).

I've registered here when I was in highschool, though I only became active after learning about rp groups... which was two or three years after I first created my account. :iconmingplz:

Generally... I'm addicted to Persona 3 and Pokemon to some extent. I also make stories... but I never really write them :iconduudewtfplz:

Um... yeah. Tis all I got to say:iconureshiiplz:

Chibi Minako by Antares25Chibi Shinjiro by Antares25


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