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Trainer OC: Antares Starr V2 by Antares25 Trainer OC: Antares Starr V2 by Antares25
Tried out a different style again ^^"
Old Pic

Name: Antares Starr

Age: 16

Dream: Discover the mysteries of the Pokemon world

Region: Hoenn

Torchic (Torch)
-focus energy

Shiny Ralts (Psyche)
-magical leaf

Born and grew up in Sootpolis city, Antares was quite different from all the other kids. While all of them spoke of being a pokemon master, breeder or top coordinator, Antares would sit in a corner digging up dirt.

When she turned 10, Antares received her first pokemon - a torchic. She didn't really have a goal or a dream at that time, so her parents who wanted her to be a master sent her off. The next two years was quite an adventure. She encountered many hardships, and yet, something felt missing. Despite all the accomplishments Antares received, she still wasn't satisfied. She felt like giving up, seeing no point in this journey of hers.

Antares found her dream after helping out a breeder one day. He was being pursued by some suspicious looking men when Antares saved him. As a token of his gratitude, he gave her a pokemon egg together with the one her Blaziken made. At first, Antares didn't care much for the egg, after all, it was just a ralts egg, nothing more. The moment it hatched gave her a shock though for what came out was no ordinary ralts. It had a strange color. Thus, her curiosity got ahead of her and she researched about it and discovered the existence of so-called 'shinies'. It didn't stop there. Antares was still very intrigued that she made up her mind to search for more of them... And that was only the beginning. Her search led her to discover areas not on maps, ancient fossils, ruins and many more. This sparked her sense of adventure. Immediately, she returned home, left her old companions and only brought her Torch and Psyche with her, hoping for a new beginning.

With that, her true journey began.
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February 25, 2012
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